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Your favorite moment with a tourist

As with the poster campaign launched in 2018, Tahiti Tourisme has begun a video casting to choose the star of its next local campaign!

A fun dinner at a food truck, a unique diving session, a Tahitian dance lesson, a breathtaking day of local sports, a hilarious first-time fafaru, a day on the lagoon, a sublime sunset… Whether it’s funny, emotional, surprising, warm or just unforgettable, we’d love to hear about moments shared between tourists and the local population!

What is a casting?

The campaign «Your favorite moment with a tourist» is a casting that was held from 1st to 31st October, 2019.

The casting featured the local population as both actors and contributors. Participants had to describe their favorite moment spent with a tourist (or group of tourists) in a one minute video.

At the end of the competition on 31st October, the winners were designated and became the future stars of the public awareness campaign 2020.

As inspirations to the local population, Tahiti Tourisme had the support of 5 local personalities:

Inspirational local personalities…
Inspirational local personalities…
Raconte ton meilleur souvenir avec un touriste

How to participate

    • Make a video, in French or Tahitian, telling the story of your favorite moment spent with a tourist;
    • Send the video to the following address, stating:


  • name/first name,
  • email and telephone number,
  • title of your video,
  • a short written outline of your favorite moment.


Once accepted, your video will be published on the  Youtube channel of Tahiti Tourisme and you will receive an email confirmation.

Video file size too big? Send it by Wetransfer (free version).

See the casting terms and conditions HERE.

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