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The Islands of Tahiti : A place for Superyachts
The Islands of Tahiti : A place for Superyachts
The Islands of Tahiti : A place for Superyachts

As the first hub for Superyachts in the South Pacific, The Islands of Tahiti offer endless cruising grounds around their 118 islands. With 1% of land versus 99% of ocean spread over a territory as wide as the continental United States or Western Europe, both sophistication and adventure await in one of the safest places on Earth where ocean conservation has been a governmental priority for over ten years.

From world class pristine diving spots to friendly local people, The Islands of Tahiti have it all and will evoke even more unique emotions never experienced before.

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  • What are the "must-do's" in the Society Islands?

    There are a great combination of water and land activities with a crystal clear lagoon and lush high mountains. Do not miss a traditional picnic on an islet, shopping for your favorite black pearls, ATV or 4WD tours in the beautiful valleys of the islands, fine dining and Polynesian spa treatments, kayaking Raiatea’s only river at dusk, visiting the vanilla plantations in Tahaa, diving with manta rays in Bora Bora, encountering and maybe swimming with humpback whales around Moorea or Tahiti during the season…

  • What are the "must-do's" in the Tuamotu Islands?

    This is the place to put your head under the water and witness some of the most beautiful underwater sceneries. Diving and snorkeling are world class offering some of the most spectacular spots on the planet. The atolls allow all water activities. Discover pink sand beaches in Fakarava, spend a day with the islanders in a remote village in Toau, visit a pearl farm and discover how they graft the oysters producing this ocean gem, dive and snorkel with wild dolphins in Rangiroa, encounter friendly sharks while diving, go on a wine tasting expedition in the only vineyard under this latitude, fish and enjoy being at the end of the world!

  • What are the "must-do's" in the Marquesas Islands?

    Take part in the Marquesans’ rich cultural heritage, tattoos, carvings and weaving, which they will share with you. Go on scenic hikes or 4WD safaris along cliffs, waterfalls and meet wild horses running free, discover where the French painter Paul Gauguin spent the last years of his life, share a traditional meal and learn the “bird’s dance”. Snorkel with hundreds of melon-head dolphins and dive with manta rays and hammerhead sharks. Manta rays are often seen at the back of the boat in the evening and it is just spectacular!

  • When is a good time to visit French Polynesia?

    Basically, anytime of the year. However, the likeliness of rain is higher between November and March (Austral Summer) and it is warmer.

  • When are the humpback whales around the waters of French Polynesia?

    When cruising on a yacht between July and October, the likeliness of encountering a whale is high. Given the usual yachts’ itineraries, they are best seen around Tahiti, the Tahiti Peninsula and Moorea but can be spotted in the other islands.

  • What is the likeliness of a hurricane every year?

    It is very low. French Polynesia has a record of an average of one hurricane very 10 years between November and March. Given the reliable weather forecasts, should a hurricane be on the way around the main islands visited, yachts have time cruise to the Marquesas and find shelter there. This group of islands is always outside of the potential depression zone.

  • What is the dress cod in the high-end resorts?

    It is very casual as all resorts are located on a beautiful beach. The dress code is more formal in the evening if you go to a fine dining restaurant but will remain casual if you sit at the bar or have dinner on the beach.

  • Is French Polynesia kid friendly?

    Yes, it is. There is a lot for kids to do and explore on land, treasure hunts can be arranged in the Tuamotu atolls, for example, and they will enjoy being in shallow, warm water surrounded by hundreds of friendly colorful fish.

  • What kind of provisioning is available for yachts?

    Basically anything! Fresh food supplies and dairy produce are imported into French Polynesia from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and France. Crusty baguettes and croissants thanks to the French influence can be found anywhere in the main islands every morning. Any provisioning can be air freighted from Tahiti to any of the islands where Air Tahiti – the domestic airline – flies.

  • Is it easy to get a quality spa treatment?

    Yes, it is, especially around the Society Islands. All resorts have a spa area with a wide list of different treatments available and quality products from luxury cosmetic brands.

  • What are the most sought after activities when cruising on a superyacht?

    Most land activities on a private basis (ATV, 4×4 inner island safari, picnic on a secluded islet), any water activities (diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, whale watching during the season, spearfishing, free diving, water skiing, paddle boarding, jet ski riding…) but also hosting a traditional dance group on the aft deck of the yacht.

  • Is it easy to arrange change-over guests other than in Tahiti during a cruise?

    Yes, it is as long as the island chosen hosts an airport. Usually, on commercial flights, departing guests often board the plane the new guests have just disembarked.