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Become a member of Tahiti Tourisme

What does being a member mean?

As a Member of Tahiti Tourisme you have the right to attend the General Assembly, take part in discussions and participate in votes. The General Assembly is responsible for ratifying the accounts, establishing the budget for the coming year, fixing annual membership fees and approving the promotional strategy of the Economic Interest Group.

Members of Tahiti Tourisme receive all documents relating to plans of action for the coming year as well as documents relating to the budget.

At the General Assembly members can nominate, renew or revoke administrators and adopt or modify the statutes of the Group. The General Assembly also receives a report on the activity and status of the Group for the previous financial year.
On becoming a Member of Tahiti Tourisme, you will be eligible to be a candidate for the position of administrator in future elections and thus have a seat on the board of directors.

Membership is available to any individual or sole proprietor in French Polynesia who exercises an economic activity which contributes to the development of the territory’s tourist industry.

How to enroll?

  • Membership Fee

    The membership fee gives rights to the services of Tahiti Tourisme.

    The amount of the fee varies according to the number of months remaining until the board’s next year end meeting and also on the size of the structure as outlined on the website of the ISPF.

    Annual membership fee (xpf)
    Group/Association 225 000
    More than 200 employees 150 000
    100 to 199 employees 100 000
    50 to 99 employees 80 000
    20 to 49 employees 35 000
    10 to 19 employees 20 000
    Less than 10 employees 12 000

  • Benefits

    As well as being able to participate in the various General Assemblies, and electing and revoking members of the board of directors from the 6 professional branches, membership of Tahiti Tourisme also brings certain benefits:

    • Reductions (up to 15%) and priority registration for Tourism Fairs/workshops/local events (Tourism Fairs, ParauParau Tahiti – PPT, Tahiti Travel Exchange/ Tere Na Uta, Tere Fa’a’ati ia Tahiti Nui, Tere Na Tai / Scuba Diving Fairs, ILTM Cannes, advertising space in our Travel Planner…).
    • Promotion of your activity in our various communications (notably our 18 websites and our Travel Planner…) preferential inclusion for press publicity trips and in short break ideas (notably our recommended itineraries) and space for special announcements in our newsletters (apart from during special promotions).
  • Associations / Groups
    • Associations/ syndicates grouping together different branches in the same business sector:– Group membership of Tahiti Tourisme does not give individual membership rights to members of the Association or Group.
    • Hotel management companies contractually bound to their clients:– the clients also have the status of members of  Tahiti Tourisme
    • Holding companies and shareholders with multiple establishments:–  these establishments also have the status of members of Tahiti Tourisme
  • Become a member

    To apply for membership fill out the Tahiti Tourisme membership dossier and send it, together with the required supporting documents, to:–
    TAHITI TOURISME – Gare Maritime, 2ème étage,
    Boulevard Pomare – BP 65 – 98 713 Papeete,
    or by email to:–

    Your application will be processed at the next General Assembly.

Need help?

If you wish to contact the support team at Tahiti Tourisme, click on the following button and fill out the contact form.