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Become a

Safety Ambassador

of The Islands of Tahiti

In response to numerous requests, Tahiti Tourisme now offers  tourism professionals the opportunity to join the Safety Ambassador program, which is designed to reassure visitors about the efforts made to limit the risk of contamination by the Covid-19 virus during their vacation.

Safety Ambassador program

As a continuation of its efforts to protect visitors and the local population from contamination by the Covid-19 virus, French Polynesia has initiated the Safety Ambassador program. Through this program, professionals in the tourist industry are encouraged to commit themselves to respecting the health guidelines that have been adapted for this sector.

This, professionals working in the tourist industry in The Islands of Tahiti who adhere to this program commit themselves and the company they represent to:

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Programme d'engagement_Safety-Ambassador

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(1) See theCOVID-19  procedures and recommendations for professionals working in the Polynesian tourist industry

(2) Airline companies should adopt the measures approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association)

(3) Solely for charters of at least one night which include maritime transport, on board meals and accommodation; and for cruises which include crew and passengers from diverse origins who are not traveling as a groupe.This does not concern “nautical excursions” which last a single day or less, no matter the type of vessel.

Join the program

The benefits of joining the program:

  • appearing in search engines on all Tahiti Tourisme websites as a Safety Ambassador.
  • being able to use the mark (logo, description, photo…) Safety Ambassador in all your communication and marketing media, as a means of reassuring your clients.
  • the prestige and prominence of being an ambassador of The Islands of Tahiti, a guarantee of seriousness and safety for visitors.
    Above all, joining the program is helping to protect your visitors and employees. You will also be contributing to the fight against the propagation of the Covid-19 virus among the local population, and participating in the economic revival of The Islands of Tahiti.