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The Islands of Tahiti Reinforce

Commitment to Protection of Visitors and Local Population

with New Safety Ambassador Program
Publié le 23 novembre 2021

The Islands of Tahiti Reinforce Commitment to Protection of Visitors and Local Population with New Safety Ambassador Program

The Islands of Tahiti is showing its commitment to the protection of travelers and its local population through the launch of a new Safety Ambassador Program. This program reinforces the health measures in place for the tourism industry of the islands and further promotes the innovative entry and stay protocols which assure travelers they can feel confident in choosing The Islands of Tahiti for their next trip.

The Safety Ambassador Program encourages the tourism industry of The Islands of Tahiti to commit to several conditions, while continuing to respect the current health measures in place. The tourism professionals of The Islands of Tahiti who have joined this new program have pledged to: do everything possible to ensure staff in contact with visitors are vaccinated according to local regulation; allow staff to isolate if COVID-19 symptoms occur; have COVID-19 test kits readily available for customers and staff; require cruise passengers to be vaccinated and tested before boarding; reinforce sanitization protocols; wear a mask in close public spaces; practice social distancing; and provide sanitization products for sale in shops of tourist accommodations. The Safety Ambassador Program is designed to minimize COVID-19 risks and enhance confidence for safe travel in The Islands of Tahiti.

Visitors are drawn to The Islands of Tahiti’s breathtaking scenery and legendary hospitality. It is one of the few destinations in the world that still feels truly untouched, and The Islands ofTahiti have been previously recognized for their efforts in the implementation of health security measures. From the beginning of the pandemic, guidelines on how to run their business safely have been given to all the polynesian professionals by the local authorities. Also, a rigorous entry protocol has been established in The Islands of Tahiti to protect the local population and visitors. Travel requirements include the following: only tourism travelers who have been vaccinated are admitted; all travelers must complete an online registration form which allows local authorities to trace visitors as needed to contain spread; all travelers must take a COVID-19 test and obtain a negative result before boarding their international flight; and a test is also carried out by travelers upon arrival. More recently, a law requiring vaccination was adopted in The Islands of Tahiti on August, 2021, targeting various economic sectors, and specifically requiring any person carrying out a tourist activity in physical contact with customers to be vaccinated.

For more information on traveling to The Islands of Tahiti visit or visit to find the list of program participants.

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