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  • There is no authorization for filming that covers the entire territory of The Islands of Tahiti. Each filming location must be specifically authorized.
  • For private sites, asking the neighborhood and obtaining the contact of the owner with the help of a local fixer is often the best way to proceed.
  • For public sites, contact the Tourism Department. To film on or near certain cultural sites with official authorization, it is customary to organize an information session with residents out of respect for tradition.
  • Polynesian law is very protective of the environment. Shooting protected species* requires an authorization from the DIREN. The rules for approaching marine mammals are also specified**.
  • For underwater filming, cameramen must hold a professional diving diploma (French certification DPP1, 2 or 3 depending on the depth).
  • For aerial shooting, there is a list of national prohibited areas ***. Any owner of a drone equipped with a camera/microphone must register on the online portal Alpha Tango, the drone pilot must be trained and respect local legislation (restrictions related to the location of the flight and the maximum authorized flight height, proximity to people, etc.) ****.

Current regulations may change, and it is important to double-check the information with the official sources detailed below. It is strongly advised to ask local productions for guidance in this process.

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Send an email to direction@environnement.gov.pf detailing the name and company of the applicant, the period, the places and conditions of filming, the names of the species filmed, the use that will be made of the images. Add name and details of the boat for underwater shooting.