P2 08 Rimatara Dsc 0927 © Frédéric CristolP2 08 Rimatara Dsc 0927 © Frédéric Cristol
©P2 08 Rimatara Dsc 0927 © Frédéric Cristol|© Frédéric Cristol

International Coffee Day - The world's most remote coffee plantation

Published on 26 September 2022

Ahead of International Coffee Day on the 1st of October, Australia might be famous for its coffee scene, but over 7,000km away on the island of Rimatara in The Islands of Tahiti you will find the world’s most secluded coffee plantation. Rimatara lies in the southernmost archipelago in the Austral Islands which are located 550km south of the main island of Tahiti.


With the tropical climate and regular rainfall, combined with the volcanic soils on the islands, Rimatara is the perfect environment to grow Arabica and Red Cattura beans – both types of beans offer a sweet and fruity coffee taste.


Coffee from Rimatara is grown, harvested, processed and roasted on the island by locals who specialise in the trade, meaning the coffee is expertly produced. With 780 inhabitants, the exotic coffee plantation is responsible for the economic advancement and the sustainability of life on Rimatara.


Travellers visiting The Islands of Tahiti have to opportunity to visit the plantation and try the tropically grown coffee themselves. You can even order the Manureva coffee beans on eBay and try it yourself at home.


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