Parauparau Tahiti - PPT 2023

International product managers (buyers)

ParauParau Tahiti – PPT 2023 offers you a platform to connect with our Polynesian partners and learn about how to do business in The Islands of Tahiti. 

General information

Hosted product managers

This section is for international buyers who have received a hosted invitation from Tahiti Tourisme and Air Tahiti Nui.

  •  How do I register for ParauParau Tahiti - PPT 2023?

    Tahiti Tourisme Team has already sent you an invitation with the registration link, please click on it and follow the instructions.

    If you have any request regarding your registration, please contact

  • What is the deadline to confirm my travel dates?

    You should confirm your travel dates with your regional Air Tahiti Nui contact shared with you in the registration form, at the latest on November 15th, 2022.

  • How many meetings will I have ?

    During the 2 days of workshop, about 40 slots of 15-min 1-on-1 will be available.

    You must book a minimum of 25 appointments with our local partners.

  • How do I participate to the fam trips organized by Tahiti Tourisme?

    Product managers invited and hosted by Tahiti Tourisme can choose to participate in the pre or post event fam trips organized by Tahiti Tourisme. 

    NB: These are set itineraries and cannot be modified according to your specific wishes.

    If you wish to participate in the Tahiti Tourisme fam trip, you should confirm this with the contact shared on your registration form.

  • How do I organize my own fam trip ?

    If you wish, you may organize your own fam trips pre and post event – no fam trip to be organized on 31st Jan and Feb 1st. However, please, note that Tahiti Tourisme will not organize this individual fam trip for you – you should contact your DMC or partners – and Tahiti Tourisme will only cover domestic transport (inter-island airline or ferry) based on pre-approval. All additional costs remain at your own expense.

  • What expenses does Tahiti Tourisme cover?

    Tahiti Tourisme will cover all costs – based on the itinerary that will be shared with you. This includes international flights, meals during the event, accommodation during the event, transfers during the event.

    Any additional costs are at your own expense.

  • Are there any fees that I might cover?

    You will be required to cover any fees / additional costs generated by any changes on your part (change of international flight, change in accommodation, change in the fam itinerary, meals outside of those organized by Tahiti Tourisme, activities outside of those organized by Tahiti Tourisme)

    If you organize your own fam trip, all costs other than interisland transport (domestic flight or ferry) as pre-approved by Tahiti Tourisme will be at your own expense.

    Tahiti Tourisme must be informed of any change you wish to make.

  • I have been invited and I would like to attend with one of my colleagues:

    Tahiti Tourisme‘s budgets are limited, so we can only host one person per entity invited.

    If you wish to travel with an additional colleague, you will be responsible for all costs generated by your travel and for the organization of your trip.

    Tahiti Tourisme will not charge an attendance fee (organization, international and domestic travel, lodging, meals, transfers, activities).

  • Accommodation

    Please note that from January 29th to February 2nd, you will be hosted at the Hilton Hotel Tahiti by Tahiti Tourisme. Unless you specify it to your representative, we will consider that you confirm your will to be hosted by Tahiti Tourisme at the Hilton on the dates blocked by us.

    Please, for any request, contact

Non-hosted product managers

While unfortunately we cannot host everyone, ParauParau Tahiti – PPT 2023 is open for registration to any buyer who wishes to attend and take the opportunity to reconnect with the partners in The Islands of Tahiti.

  •  How do I register for ParauParau Tahiti - PPT 2023?

    Registration is closed.

  • How many meetings will I have ?

    During the 2 days of workshop, about 40 slots of 15-min 1-on-1 will be available.

  • What are the participation requirements ?

    Any buyer who wants to attend can register.

    There is no buyer registration fee for buyers who wish to attend the event.

    All users who register will have :

    • 1 appointment scheduling account
    • Pre-scheduled 15 minutes appointments
    • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea over the 2 days of the event
    • Access to the cocktail events
    • Delegate registration pack

    NB: flights, air tickets, transfers and accommodation is not included with the registration. All non hosted buyers are responsible for their travel arrangements and travel costs to attend ParauParau Tahiti – PPT 2023.

  • Accommodations

    Once you register and we confirm your participation, we will send you information about lodging at the Hilton (if you wish to go there and depending on availability). Only from this moment on, you should get in touch with your dedicated contact (that we will share with you).

    No complimentary accommodation will be provided for non-hosted buyers.

    Please contact for more information.

  • International flights

    Please contact your preferred airline to arrange your travel. Tahiti Tourisme will not be convering any costs

  • Fam trips

    If you are planning to organize a fam trip as an extension, please note that Tahiti Tourisme will not be able to assist with arrangements and costs.


Tahiti Tourisme has already sent invitations to some identified hosted product managers.

If you have any inquiries regarding the event, please email us at