Aerial View Of Ahe Tahiti Tourisme © Stéphane Mailion PhotographyAerial View Of Ahe Tahiti Tourisme
©Aerial View Of Ahe Tahiti Tourisme|Stéphane Mailion Photography

Tīteti 'Āi'a

Travel coupons are a spending bonus for residents taking their vacation in The Islands of Tahiti. The value of the coupons varies from 4,000 to 16,000 Fcfp, depending on the distance from their usual place of residence.


Put in place by the government of French Polynesia and managed by Tahiti Tourisme, more than 200 service providers are already registered with Titeti Aia, including hotels and guesthouses offering meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner), sailboat cruises with crew, various tourist activities, passenger transport companies and travel agents.

How to join the program

To join the program, service providers must:

  • Register online at ;
  • Supply the required information (N° Tahiti and bank details) ;
  • Sign an agreement to respect the terms and conditions of the program;
  • Be accepted into the program by the representatives of Tahiti Tourisme who will guide them through the procedure
  • A service provider KIT will be supplied to each service provider who joins the program and will include videos and tutorials as well as digital signage to show their adherence to the program.


Tīteti ’Āi’a : prestataires touristiques polynésiens, pourquoi adhérer ?
Tīteti ’Āi’a : prestataires touristiques polynésiens, pourquoi adhérer ?
Tīteti ’Āi’a : prestataires touristiques polynésiens, pourquoi adhérer ?

The travel coupons can either be digital coupons accessible on your smartphone or computer, or printed versions available from the tourist office at Fare Manihini.

Residents can use their coupons with service providers in three ways:

  • When paying for their accomodation;
  • When paying for their vacation at a travel agency;
  • When paying adherents to the program for tourist activities.

After checking the validity of the coupons, service providers will input the data through their service provider access to the website and it will automatically be deducted from the resident’s account.

After verification by the representatives of Tahiti Tourisme, the corresponding invoice will be paid to the service provider by bank transfer within 30 days.

Need help?

Contact us by email at or on our website

The Tahiti Tourisme hotline is also available 7/7 during normal working hours on 40 50 57 71

  • Monday to Friday : 08h00-17h30
  • Saturday : 08h00-16h00
  • Sundays and public holidays : 08h00-12h00