Among the actions aimed at increasing public awareness, Tahiti Tourisme produced and launched AHITEA, a weekly TV program in 2018 dedicated to tourism and careers in tourism transmitted on the two local TV channels, TNTV and Polynésie la 1ère.

The last episode
The last episode
Ahitea / Episode 30 : Lavatubes, J.O 2024, tifaifai

What does AHITEA mean?

According to the REO dictionary of the translation and interpretation department of the Ministry of Culture of French Polynesia, «AHITEA» means “to be in the sun” which was the source of inspiration for director Karim Mahjouba, and which became, by extension, «earn a place in the sun». This name is exactly what the program is about: training, working or creating a business in the tourism industry to earn yourself a place in the sun, both in the figurative sense of professional/career success and in the true sense of working in tourism in French Polynesia, which is synonymous with working in sunshine!

Who presents AHITEA?

The presenter of the third season is Tamatoa, a young Polynesian of 23 years of age. A youth member of the Maohi Protestant Church, Tamatoa has both considerable experience and extensive cultural knowledge. Bilingual French/Tahitian, this primary school teacher speaks Reo Maohi fluently and will be the perfect ambassador for this immersion in the principal industry of French Polynesia.



The main objectives of this 3rd season are to increase public awareness of the importance of tourism, while at the same time reassuring the population that adequate health measures have been put in place by the industry’s professionals. In addition, the program aims to encourage residents to support the local tourist industry by traveling and consuming locally.

1)  The section «Experience»New: Tamatoa will take viewers on a tourist experience where tourism professionals can present their activity and at the same time, outline the health measures they have adopted to deal with the current health crisis. 

2)  The section «Perspectives»: This section will be dedicated to the business of tourism and by highlighting the success and the potential of this sector, will encourage the population to play an active role in its development.

3)  The section «A rave na»New: The viewer is invited to meet an influencer or specialist who will share his knowledge, insights and passion for his culture and his way of life.

A weekly program to be shown on:

  • Tahiti Nui Télévision (TNTV) on mondays at 17h05 (Repeated: wednesday at 11h25).
  • Polynésie la 1ère on sundays at 17h05 (Repeated: saturday at 11h20)
    Also on the social network: MyTahiti !