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Published on 17 August 2023

Inform, increase awareness, and federate the population

The public awareness campaign, “Working together for sustainable tourism”, was launched in March to promote the tourism development strategy of The Islands of Tahiti. Entitled, Fāri’ira’a Manihini (FM27), the aim of the strategy is to promote the development of sustainable tourism. It was presented to tourism professionals and the local population during a series of conferences organized in the islands.

The message conveyed by the teams from Tahiti Tourisme during these meetings,was the same as that relayed in videos shown on local TV and the social networks, as well as in a poster campaign on the island of Tahiti. The objective of these presentations was to detail the benefits of sustainable tourism for the destination, increase public awareness and federate the local population.

Between March and June of this year, teams from Tahiti Tourisme, accompanied by an ambassador of choice, Teaniva DINARD (Mister Tahiti 2022), traveled throughout the 4 archipelagos of French Polynesia, visiting 15 municipalities in 14 islands. With the help of 28 different tourism committees, the development strategy was presented to the local populations, in a series of meetings attended by a total of more than 1,000 people.

Mister Tahiti 2022, the ambassador and spokesman for the campaign, was able to make an important contribution, based on his experience in the tourism sector as a tattoo artist. He adapted his presentations to suit the audience of each archipelago and each island, focusing on the specific aspects of tourism in their market (eg: archeological sites and tattooing in the Marquesas Islands.)

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A child who is at one with nature will always will always take care of his environment.

It’s important to increase awareness among the general public, so that they in turn can pass the message on to visitors, young people and children. A child who is at one with nature is a child who will always take care of his environment.

Teaniva DINARD, Mister Tahiti 2022

A moment of sharing

At each meeting, the program presented by Tahiti Tourisme included:

  • A video presentation of the campaign
  • The presentation of the free training available for the transition to sustainable tourism, proposed by Atout France and We Go GreenR
  • A speech from campaign’s ambassador Teaniva DINARD, Mister Tahiti 2022
  • A question and answer session
  • An autograph and photo session with Mister Tahiti, the distribution of a kit for promoting sustainable tourism locally, and an informal chat with the audience over a tasting of local produce.
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French Polynesia is not made for mass tourism

Sustainable tourism is a worldwide tendency. When you see what’s happening at Machu Picchu or in Venice, it’s clear that French Polynesia is not made for mass tourism. We are a remote and protected destination, and that needs to be preserved. It is also important for visitors to be better dispersed throughout the islands, which means having the infrastructures in place…The aim is for them to have a rich and enjoyable experience with the local population.

Vaima DENIEL, Director of Local Operations at Tahiti Tourisme

The next stage of the campaign will consist of visiting schools to increase awareness among Polynesian teenagers and school children.

Our actions

for a sustainable tourism

Our actions for sustainable tourism