Tahiti Tourisme unveils its international awareness campaign: a series of videos entitled “Towards an inclusive and sustainable tourism in The Islands of Tahiti“, which relates testimonies of tourism professionals, explaining FM27 strategy and the vision of a sustainable tourism.

Published on 13 March 2023

Towards an inclusive and sustainable tourism

Available in french, with english and tahitian subtitles, the video of this series features a child asking his father about the future of our fenua when he sees images of mass tourism in other countries. Then, through the testimonies of tourism and Polynesian culture actors, answers are given to him: the FM27 tourism development strategy and the economic, social and cultural stakes involved, i.e. the importance of a sustainable tourism for the development of The Islands of Tahiti.

The video will be broadcast on television in French Polynesia and on social networks, starting March 14, as well as worldwide via Tahiti Tourisme’s representations. Four other videos will also be broadcast on social networks: they are dedicated to more detailed testimonies of local tourism actors.

Towards an inclusive and sustainable tourism in The Islands of Tahiti - Introduction
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Fari'ira'a Manihini 2027

Tahiti Tourisme is launching a communication campaign to raise awareness among the local population about The Islands of Tahiti tourism development strategy, dubbed Fāri’ira’a Manihini (FM27). A strategy that, for the next five years, aims to position French Polynesia as a flagship destination for inclusive and sustainable tourism.

This strategy, co-constructed with the local population as well as public and private tourism stakeholders, unveils an ambitious action plan until 2027, which tends to protect natural resources, optimize the benefits of tourism for the local population and prioritize a quality experience for visitors.

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