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Tahiti Tourisme raises awareness aboutresponsible tourism in The Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme raises awareness about responsible tourism in The Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme is set to launch an awareness campaign aimed at the local population to promote the tourism development strategy for The Islands of Tahiti. The plan, called the : Fāri’ira’a Manihini (FM27), is a five-year plan that seeks to position French Polynesia as a leading destination for inclusive and sustainable tourism.

Published on 15 March 2023

The strategy was co-constructed with the local population as well as tourism professionals in the public and private sector. It is an ambitious plan of action in place through 2027, and its main goals are the protection of natural resources, anhance and protect cultural heritage, optimizing the economic and social benefits of tourism for the local population and providing visitors with an authentic experience.

In the words of Jean-Marc Mocellin, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme: “The ambition is to become a responsible destination which favors quality over quantity. To this end, the FM27 strategy includes certain key principles, such as managing the rate of visitation, projected to be 280,000 by 2027(a ratio of one tourist per inhabitant). Our two major assets which distinguish us from our competitors are the local population with its authenticity, rich culture and sense of welcome, and the natural environment, which must be preserved at all costs.”

The purpose of this public awareness campaign is to inform the local population of the FM27 roadmap and the contribution everybody can make to help achieve a tourism industry that is responsible, inclusive and sustainable.

The campaign revolves around two series of videos:

  • The first, entitled “Towards inclusive and sustainable tourism in The Islands of Tahiti, involves the participation of tourism professionals who explain the FM27 strategy and its objective of achieving responsible tourism in The Islands of Tahiti.
  • The second is a series of animated films entitled “Working together towards sustainable tourism”, presented by Hina, the animated version of a young Polynesian. Hina is already known to the general public thanks to the campaign about safety precautions during the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020.
1. The video series

“Towards inclusive and sustainable tourism in The Islands of Tahiti”

Available in French, with English subtitles or in Reo Tahiti (Tahitian), this promotional video portrays a child asking his father what the future holds in store for his Fenua (native land), as he looks at images of overtourism in other countries. The response is given by professionals and cultural leaders in Polynesian tourism industry who describe the tourism development strategy (FM27) and its economic, social and cultural implications. Thus, the importance of responsible tourism for the future of The Islands of Tahiti. Thus, the importance of responsible tourism for the future of The Islands of Tahiti.

The video will be shown locally on television and on social networks from March 14, and internationally by Tahiti Tourisme’s representatives.

The four other videos which make up this series will then be shown on social networks, locally and internationally, and will contain longer and more detailed versions of the views and explanations given by local professionals and cultural leaders in Polynesian tourism industry.

2. Animated video series

“Working together towards sustainable tourism”

In addition, a second series of animated videos entitled “Working together towards sustainable tourism,” will also be shown as part of the public awareness campaign of Tahiti Tourisme.

Aimed at the local population and professionals in the Polynesian tourism industry, the objective of these short animated videos are to inform as many people as possible, of all ages, about the efforts being taken to achieve inclusive and sustainable tourism.

Guided by the animated character Hina, viewers will learn about the measures being implemented in the new FM27 strategy, such as respecting the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and how tourism can benefit the economy and local employment, as well as helping to preserve the culture and environment.

The series is composed of fifteen videos in two languages, French and Reo Tahiti (Tahitian), which will be shown on social networks as well as on two local TV channels from now until the end of the year. The first episodes will be shown on March 14.

Ensemble, agissons pour un tourisme durable
Ensemble, agissons pour un tourisme durable
Ensemble, agissons pour un tourisme durable

The two series of videos will be shown from March to December 2023. A media plan also provides for advertisements in local magazines, 4×3 billboards in Tahiti, banners on the websites of local media companies and the display of posters and brochures in tourism offices and municipal buildings throughout The Islands of Tahiti.

Keep in touch with Tahiti Tourisme on Facebook and YouTube and find all the details of the campaign on www.TahitiTourisme.org.

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